1949 Elche Elx (Alicante) España,SPAIN
1965-1970 Enter and Studies Professor Drawing at the Superior College of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid and Faculty of Fine Arts COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY, MADRID. In the first course 1965-66, is the painter Antonio López García the teacher of ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES and in 1969 Eusebio Sempere, year that reconciled the teaching with the research at the Computing Center of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Catalogs of exhibitions made by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949) of Geometric Art: Pictorial, Sculpture and DIGITAL Geometry that she started in 1991 with the Geometries: COMBINABLES, TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO and THE THREAD OF ARIADNE-MUSIC, formulating continuous mathematics and geometry for her work. Previously, she worked 25 years (1965-1990) in landscape painting, design of architectural compositions of geometry and in the two paintings, oil/canvas that ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES made (1986-88) of the ARIADNE DORMIDA en NAXOS, marble sculpture in the MUSEUM NACIONAL del PRADO, MADRID. 
Exhibition paintings Galería Albatros. Madrid 1990
Texts written by art critics of exhibitions made by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949) of Geometric Art: Pictorial, Sculpture and DIGITAL Geometry that she started in 1991 with the geometries: COMBINABLES, TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO and ARIADNE´S THREAD-MUSIC, formulating continuous mathematics and geometry for her works. Previously, she worked 25 years (1965-1990) in landscape painting, design of architectural compositions of geometry and in the two paintings, oil/canvas that ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES made (1986-88) of the ARIADNE, marble sculpture in the MUSEUM of PRADO, MADRID.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
02/06/15.- ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (Elche 1949) she has made a Retrospective Exhibition with the title of Geometry, Color and Musicality, digital diagrams and painting 1991-2015, in the Municipal Exhibition Center of the city, Elche-Elx.
Julia Sáez-Angulovicepresident of the Madrid Association of Art Critics, AMCA, and member of the AECA / Spain International, writes in the catalog:

Geometry, Color and Musicality are three concepts of the eurythmy that emerges from the artistic work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
Geometry in which the rhythm of a musicality visible to the eyes is appreciated, inaudible, only in appearance.
She draws the dancing rhythm of a musicality that manifests herself in the wise administration of color on the support of paper, canvas ... geometry that dances; a musicality that is expressed in colors. Kandinsky already talked about it when he attributed musical notes to colors. Look at the sounds, hear the color.
Since the 90s she, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has a coherent research trajectory in Geometric Art, painting, sculpture and digital diagrams, from her work of Continuous Spatial Tracing, 
Combinables to El Hilo de Ariadne. Geometry, color, rhythm and musicality are present in a creative world of lines, circles, squares, pixels ... designed by her artistic mind. Without leaving the painting, she uses the new technological means, which are fundamental in the generation of her innovative geometric artworks.
Geometry, Color and Musicality, is the conceptual key that describes the digital and pictorial geometrical work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
The lines drawn in the space reticular square, horizons that expand in cartographies of the musicality, express in the digital geometries of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES a perception of she  at different countries, continents or cities: MUSICALITY-Sweden-Madrid-South America-Berlin -NewYork-MumbaiBombay-Beiying-Europe-GreeceGrecia-Tokyo-Paris-Nepal-Brooklyn-Africa-Universe.   

ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES, in 1965 she ingress and studied Professor of Drawing at the Superior Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid and Complutense University of MadridShe lived in Madrid until 1997 and later in London, where she was a guest artist at Gasworks Studios of London, and since mid-1999 she resides in Alicante. In 2000 she returned to London to make an exhibition at Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College in London.                                                                                                                               
In 2003 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES presented her geometry research, El hilo de Ariadna-Combinatoria, with the new technological media. Geometric art: one hundred works (200x100 cm.each) for the Art Collection of Hotel H. Amerigo, Alicante.                                                  
In her Continuous Spatial  Drawings, she, the painter ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES highlights each brushstroke in an affirmation of the energy, lines in brushstrokes of unique gesture, singular each  of the lines in the meditative trajectory  of rhythms in color gradations in the squares of her works in Geometric Art, and in the geometry compositions of she, with the new digital media, the PIXELS  constitute the structure of the lines.
Texto de Julia Sáez-Angulo catálogo exposición GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD diagramas digitales y pintura de ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES, en el Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE, 15mayo- 6septiembre 2015

Text by Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno (2015)   
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949 Elche) celebrates 50 years of her Pictorial work and Digital Geometric Art.
It is in 1986, when the appointments, she paints the marble sculpture of Ariadna in the Prado Museum and finds a new pictorial concept in her work. If the teachers of quantum physics, theory of everything, make hypotheses of the universe. The painter ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES discovered in the mythology of the Thread of Ariadna the point to develop in the Geometric Art and to find a full significance to her work.
The concepts that give name to the exhibition Geometry, Color and Musicality  by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES encompass the extensive work, the intense dedication and the innovative research and reflection of she in geometric art.
Each brushstroke of her has its mathematical reason and makes each line unique, of harmony in a lucid composition and combinatorial of color in turn incalculable, and Musicality, perhaps for the spectators of her geometry work, is creativethat feeling of musicality. A rhythm of vitality, eurythmy of shapes and color, which makes it possible to glimpse the whole geometric universe in equilibrium created by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES in her painting of Continuous Space Path and digital diagrams printed on canvas Ariadne's thread -Musicality in which she shows her perception of different cities, continents, countries ... - Sweden-Beijing-Africa- Madrid-Greece-New York -Mumbai Bombay-Europe-Tokyo- Paris-Brooklyn-Nepal-Berlin-Latin America-Universe- ...GEOMETRY, COLOR and MUSICALITY of renewal in Geometric Art.
Text by Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno 2015                                                                                  
exhibition catalog GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD diagramas digitales y pintura de ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES
Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE, 15may-06september 2015

LA MIRADA ACTUAL enero 4, 2014
Iluminada García Torres investigates in her Digital Geometry, Mumbai Bombay.
text by Julia Sáez-Angulo
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949) investigates in her Digital Geometry artworks that she denominate Mumbai Bombay, in wide view and reflection on Asia.
In fact all her work in geometric abstraction begins with the proposal that she formulated in the catalog of her exhibition Combinables in 1993, where is the origin and the mathematical reason that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has developed in the geometry digital works, Tokyo, Beijing and now Mumbai Bombay, in hers Asian contemplation. She declares that after the New York digital geometries, she became interested in Asia in concepts of musicality, color and though.
text by Julia Sáez-Angulo                                                                                                           
International Association of Art Critics, AICA

text Lino Cabezas Gelabert (2005)
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES (Elche, Alicante, 1949) she in her recent work exhibit a long trajectory of Geometric Art with, The thread of Ariadna-combinatorial, where the results derived from one of the most important issues in history are reached of art: the search for a basic harmony and order that beats in human nature. Establishing order and proportion in art means giving an intellectual and conscious direction to a subconscious impulse.
Modern psychology defends the hypothesis that the search for order on which beauty is based is something inherent to our identity as rational beings, and in that situation our interpretation of nature is predominantly mathematical. In these circumstances, the new technologies are used by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES to make use of their lines and brushstrokes as the basic material of her artworks and as a point of reflection of it, using as a matter of creation the formal elements and conceptuals.
Einstein affirmed that there is no logical way to discover the elementary laws; according to him there is only the path of intuition. The perception of the order behind appearances, its musicality, is something that is intuited by the artist ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Consequently, her works could be conceived as structures of the harmony in mathematical lines. The paintings and digital geometry  of the work of Iluminada García-Torres is founded  on an irrefutable truth of numbers and proportions that seem to reveal  in some way the pre-established harmony.
text Lino Cabezas Gelabert (2005) Professor at the University of Barcelona.        
La Rella Magazine Nº 18.
Anuari de l'Institut d'Estudis Comarcals del Baix Vinalopó 2005 Elx. Elche​
Text by Laura Sanz García (2004)
Pascual Patuel Chust (2004)
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES, (Elche, Alicante, 1949) she  has made a decided commitment to Geometric Art, developing orthogonally organized shapes and colors. Following paths opened by the geometric Kandinsky of the German Bauhaus, author of POINT AND LINE ON THE PLANO, and Dutch Neoplasticism, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES understands hers painting and hers sculpture as a mathematical system of proportions and geometric shapes.
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES achieves to formulate, in 1991, a basic reticular module of squares, where she drew the points and lines. This module will be the beginning of future experimentation in Geometric Art. 
A geometric and mathematical cosmos, that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES considers independent worlds, but participants in the totality. They are perfectly calculated according to systems of proportion in their measurements. These forms signify the concept of the full and empty. The relation between full spaces and empty spaces is dialectically dynamic, because it generates multiple variations, determined by the color, shape, number, and direction of the lines. We are, therefore, before an interactive space that generates an integrating harmony of all the geometric elements in the composition.
The thread of Ariadne, is the generic name that has adopted to denominate to her works, inspired when painting the marble sculpture of Ariadna of the Museum of the Prado, ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES 
discovered in this marble (1987) an harmony of geometric and mathematical order that went to preside over your future work. The space research has been formally complicating his proposals with a multiplication of sequences of rhythmic sequences, parallel to the world of music, pictorial geometries that she calls Continuous Spatial Tracing. From this proposal her work is incorporated into the new technologies applicable to the art of painting.
The recent works of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, geometries of infinite development thanks to the combinatorial of color and the process of the image generated by computer where the brushstroke is now structured by the pixel (picture element), dot in a rectilinear grid of points to form a geometric digital image.
With this digital process of the image, she has made the geometries of the present exhibition Música y Arte II. They constitute the beginning of a new series whose dot of expansion is musicality.
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES has been able to see and work on the aesthetic aspects offered by the graphics of the musical notation. The pentagram or tetragram constitute the linear structure where the musical "signs" are deposited, she tries to evoke the true graphia, which allows it to develop formal investigations related to Optical art and suggest virtual movements.
Text by Laura Sanz García (2004) Carlos III University of Madrid
Pascual Patuel Chust University of Valencia
Exhibition Música y Arte II/El HILO de Ariadna-utopiasinfonía, sonata y penta by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (triptych Digital/canvas 285x200cm). Catalog nº 46, Palau Música of VALENCIA 2004
PIXELS (2003)
Text by Joaquín Santo Matas (2003)
Director of Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949), she in this exhibition show her work of Digital Geometric Art, El Hilo de Ariadna - Combinatoria, a research with new technological media. The result is innovative, rigorous and coherent that we can observe in the evolution of her work, whose genesis is in the pictorial work of teacher Antonio López García and from which her assimilated the measure and direct-gesture.
In the observation when painting the sublime marble sculpture of Ariadna in the Prado Museum, which she would see in 1984, ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES attempt her creative Thread to armonize the labyrinth of her artistic capacity.
Geometry in the plane and in the space that in something  would assimilate of the teachings that she received from the also Alicante artist, Eusebio Sempere.
The lines drawn, made in a dynamic way, of a single gesture, in relation of proportionality with space reticular, mathematics and geometry, time and light. And the origin of Trazado Espacial Continuo Continuous Spatial Drawings has been for more than a decade in the geometry of hers work Combinables.
That is why in the artworks of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES we contemplate geometries that can be multiplied infinitely thanks to the combinatorial of color and digital processes, which are possible by linking their Geometry research with the new technological advances of science computer.
She draws, from the point, original singular gestural lines in the space, in rhythmic sequences, that in this work of Digital Geometric Art, the pixels constituting of the new structure of the line.
This exhibition, belonging to the hundred works of geometry (digital printing on canvas 90x180cm each) which constitute the Amerigo Collection, can be seen in Alicante at the Hotel of the same name, where the geometries designed by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES will show us a world of harmonies fused with the Mediterranean light, where the azure and marine blue, the earth and solar ocher, and the violet tones of an alborear of the horizon prevail, which is the line from which all forms emerge.
PÍXELES, La Huella del Trazo
Text by Joaquín Santo Matas - Director of Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert. Catalog exhibition El Hilo de Ariadna - Combinatoria by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Centro Municipal de las Artes. Alicante 2003
text by José Manuel Alvarez Enjuto,2002
It is not easy to respond to the arithmetic and orthogonal processes, of the poetry and sensitivity in the compositional contents in the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES (ELCHE1949). She makes in Geometric Art an expressive formulation centered almost specifically on the research of spatial ordering through the serial multiplication of the line in progression. In the relation and the consecutive evolution with the only trace of a mediatic line in the space, or what is the same, through the drawing of a line, she manages to reach the metaphysical purpose of the creative eagerness.
The arithmetic and emotional poetry in the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has that consubstantial truth that responds to a pristine and essential fact endowed with a metaphysical transcendence capable of altering any philosophical conjecture. Art transcending through arithmetic formulas and rhythmic spatial sequences that she describes.
Iconography where the continuous module, the coherent mathematical variation dominates the visuality, demands, at least, a reflection on the mathematical painting and the balanced spatial orders. And this inevitably leads us to the stream of Stilj, Mondrian, Rietveld authors who understood that in geometry and spatial arrangement by means of balanced flat chromatic or compositional icons, rational orders could be established in the argumentation of their proposals.
Processes in the elaboration of those gestural lines support of the works. A fact of transcendence if we understand theGeometric  Art of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES from her creativity, with the congregation of all these expressive singularities that she has in geometric poetry.
Certainly the iconography transcribed in the paintings of the artist ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES may correspond to the genuine calligraphic material of the geometric repertoire of the square reticular and the music of arithmetic in their interactions.
Composition based on the repetitive modular beauty of the line and the quadrangular geometric grid, capable of claiming expansion, limitlessness and affirmation once the gestures drawn from the mathematical variable are the agents of the resulting harmonies, We have understand a very special expressiveness in the works of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES that she gives in the accuracy of the brushstroke in the discursive process of a meditative calligraphic order.
A pristine pictorial expression, based on the measure, the gesture the compositional rhythms, the formal transition, the chromatic vibration, the metaphysical transcendence. The geometry and arithmetic as a determining reason.
text by José Manuel Alvarez Enjuto,2002
Exhibition catalog of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
30/04 - 28/05, 2002, Municipal Exhibition Lonja del Pescado. Alicante

The expansion of painting in the cold auras
text Simón Marchán Fiz
ILUMINADA  GARCIA TORRES (EICHE 1949), she unravels Ariadne's Thread through an optical combinatorial impregnated by cybernetic randomness, a code expressed in lines that contrast with the unchanging presence of squares as zero grade and reference to the essentials, a great lyricism, color vibrations and harmony of balance complement each other.
text Simón Marchán Fiz(2001), Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Art, Faculty of Philosophy UNED Madrid.                                                                                              
La expansión de la pintura en las auras frias text Catalog Exhibition XVII Edition Painting Prize L'OREAL. Conde Duque Cultural Center. Madrid 2001

between 1, 2 and 3
text catalog Isabel Tejeda Martín 2001
... are her drawn lines in which ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949) meditates the rhythms that emerge in the trajectory of its layout in relation of proportionality with the space of the square modules in hers works of  Geometric Art. Modules that according to her, contain laws of harmony. It could be a rational, thoughtful composition, and in fact it is in principle. But observing each line it is evident that they do not respond to a unifying system. On the contrary, they confirm: the absolute difference of each one of the lines with the rest of those that are placed in the picture. With all the lines of the paintings that make up the series. Of all the series of lines started at the beginning of the 90s. Of  all the painted lines of the world.
It is evident, albeit in a subtle way, the instant of its production; a time of the painting that purport to drag with him the time of perception. The transmission of emotions.
In the lines of the modules arranged tidily in the paintings made by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, the different degrees of emotion, tension, tranquility, enthusiasm, distancing... from the moment of painting are glimpsed. Already raised it, albeit in an ironic way, Lichtenstein when he designed his large-format brushstroke with bendéi points. And it is the praise of that brushstroke, in which with hers lines insists ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Sometimes at great brushstrokes, anothers  as in a mantra. In numerous and small lines. With the rhetoric of repetition. But also more surprising.
A year ago in a ceramic workshop organized by the CAPA Foundation, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, experiments in the three dimensions, she presented some first investigations of the limits, which she had already done in sculpture. What happens in the limits? From a wave to an angle, for example. Fundamental considerations in Geometric Art.Numbers are there to infinity. But, if you want to understand it, you need to analyze the infinite relation between 1, 2 and 3.
Entre el uno, el dos y el tres
text catalog Isabel Tejeda Martín 2001
Exhibition, trazado espacial continuo-hilo de ariadna, pintura 2001                      
combinables-palabras geométricas, cerámica 2001 by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES      
12may-20june 2001, Casa de Cultura El Campello (Alicante)

1 December 1998 - 1 March 1999
This is the first time you will see the work of the visual artist ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES in the United Kingdom. During her residency at Gasworks, she has produced new works with the referent of the marble sculpture Ariadne at the Museo del Prado, in Madrid, I discovered that the harmony she evoked was fitted perfectly a geometric and mathematical pattern.
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES seeks to achieve harmony through the expression of the moment, constituted by line-space-time within proportional relation with the square  reticle structures. The singularity of each line is a step towards Light. 
published by Alessio Antoniolli 1999 GASWORKS STUDIOS, LONDON
2015.Text in catalog, exhibition GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD geometría digital de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, in Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE-ELX, 15may- 6september 2015
Text by Segundo García Manzanet (1996) 
Director Museum Asegurada, MACA
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949 Elche, Alicante), she is, painter. And of -her work  we could say that it is a rationalization, sensitivity and expression in the Geometric Art. To realized her work ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES establishes a previous Geometric  order, very concrete and precise, -square matrix-, divided into other twenty-five exact and equal, as a grid, defined by lines or points; which in turn can be subdivided.
Mathematical disposition that will direct the initiation and realization of her work. The beginning of the –pictorial action- becomes an event, an extraordinary and unique fact that modifies the established and conditions the development of the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. And the painting is full of infinite possibilities -lines expressed with the law of verticality and horizontality and in proportionality with the dimensions of the squares. For example, the painting can only be the structure, as a regularized surface; or be arranged in sections; or -the square matrix- contain squares of different dimensions, color, location and texture; or that on a color with different gradations juxtapose other forms of color and establish new interactions, etc.
Hers brushstrokes, of the painter ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, are lines of color with dimensions in proportion to the surfaces of the squares, in a single gesture -meditated- each one of the brush strokes made, an echo of herself with its emotional poetic . And also an event, which determines the quality of the successive brushstroke.
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES necessarily draws from the sensitivity, which requires a preparation, tense attitude and meditative attention in the realization of the linear brushstrokes. The picture as she is painting it changes, and she, the painter, is there to decide the next action pictorial.
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, does not consider the edges as the end of the work, allowing it to continue. Fortunately, she conceives each painting as a possible part of a more complex whole; and in consequence, the linear edge is a provisional limit. Because the basic structure is, the square, studied in the spatial modulation that is produced in its subdivision or the sum of geometric squares  -as she formulates it in her theoretical reflections (1991)-, and to constitute a theoretically infinite work. That requires the systematic application of the concept so that each work of Geometric Art maintains its potential development. An undoubted risk, although full of interest, that would give the work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES an innovative dimension.
Text by Segundo García Manzanet (1996), Director Museum Asegurada, MACA.
Exhibition Catalog GEOMETRIAS / ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Institute of Culture Juan Gil-Albert, University of Alicante 1996, MUA. Exhibition Alicante, November 6-26, 1996 • Casa de Cultura de Villena, January 24-February 16, 1997.
text by J. Antonio Lisbona (1993)                                                                                                            
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949). She remained pensive observing when painting the power and subtlety of a sculpture that is in the Rotunda of the Hall of the Muses of the Prado Museum. It was the marble sculpture of Ariadna, the sculpture that the painter Diego Velázquez (1599-1660) brought from Rome to King Felipe IV and that Velázquez himself would paint it in Rome in the canvas of 44x38 cm, View of the garden of the Villa Medicis-Noon.
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, at the Museo del Prado interpreted this marble sculpture of Ariadna in two paintings from 1986-88, what is really important is that this marble sculpture would give reasons to ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES for her future work geometric.
Now she presents her recent work of Geometric Art in the Exhibition Hall CAM of Alicante, which has taken the scoop of her proposal, with the title of COMBINABLES, Continuous Space Path, works that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, has also been grouped in three research notebooks, laborious, concrete, mathematical and geometric arrangement, the point, the lines, the square, color ... The process surprised the author and impelled her as in a story by Jorge Luis Borges, in the boundless infinity of geometry and color.
She painted labyrinths of cubic and cylindrical forms on the surface of some tables, compositions of an approach to the work of Morandi, which later she would represent with architectural influence in large-format paintings. This theme preludes the geometry that would intensively come later in the artistic creativity of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. In the sculpture COMBINABLES mixes cubes and cylinders of steel in balanced composition. Space, point, lines, numbers, structures, brushstrokes, variants, layout, trajectory, technology, painting ..., all are words and concepts that the artist ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES has written in the notebooks and on the canvas poetic brushstrokes. Art and theoretical formulation made at the same time.
COMBINABLES text by J. Antonio Lisbona (1993)                                                              
Espiral de las Artes num.5-6 September / October 1993
text by Carmen Vidal Claramonte (1993)
The CAM of Alicante has offered in its exhibition hall on Oscar Esplá Avenue 37, an exhibition of GEOMETRIC ART by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949) which since the mid 60s has studied and lives in Madrid.
She shows us paintings from her first realistic period of metaphysical influence. And paintings and  a sculpture of her new stage of geometric art that presents precisely in Alicante.
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES is fascinated by space, and she hypothesizes with two basic elements in her work, the square and the circle, the cube and the cylinder. In the previous, realistic paintings, we notice, however, certain evolution towards the geometric shape and the space that makes us to reflect on solitude, on silence, on our own soul: and the wonderful painting that she made (1987) of the marble sculpture of Ariadne, looking towards the infinite.
From this sculpture ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, realized her new works in geometric artto paintings constructed with lines and dots, with rectangles that have been painted in a single stroke, and, thus, none is the same, they are all different. Identity, repetition and diversity at the same time. Continuing with the squares, the cubic and cylindrical structure, with the mathematical accuracy of the measurements, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, realizes the projects for her sculptural work. But in addition to creating painting and sculpture, she composes with the words.
And, most importantly, the integral proposal in the Geometric Art by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES for the realization of her work, emerges from the same mathematical concept that she has transcribed in the excellent catalog of the exhibition.                             
text by María Carmen Africa Vidal Claramonte (1993)
Diario Información. Alicante 10-june-1993
​​The  individual Painting of Iluminada García-Torres
Text by Miguel Fernández-Cid                                                         
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (Elche 1949), she makes an exhibition at the Galería  Albatros in Madrid. Some of her works have as motif the marble sculpture of Ariadne (intangible Thread). "I went to the Prado Museum thinking about an image that motivates my mind and I found this sculpture. There I painted the sculpture in a canvas facing it and then en another canvas as if the sculpture were looking at infinity... and I know I will return to interpret this Ariadne again, because I find it impossible to forget her perfection, her harmony, her mathematical control".
The paintings of the sculpture of Ariadne she made from an interpretation, with the sea and a diluted landscape. "I was born near the sea and, although at the age of sixteen, I came to Madrid to study Fine Arts, I always have his presence close by, I know it because of the need to include a horizon line, a reference to space in each painting".
The style of her painting is more evident in the works in which she, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES with the idea and the minimum elements of a composition, it drifts towards architectural formulas. Morandi, the metaphysical painting of Giorgio de Chirico and quattrocentistas are not far from her painting. With a few cylindrical bars and a box on a table  she paints geometries sharp, spatiality paintings. Seen from another perspective, the same elements resemble a labyrinth, with a geometrical idea that constantly evokes her painting, "an object is different according to how we see it, the proximity of another object modifies it in our perception". How not to understand that the painting of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES is individual?.  
Text by Miguel Fernández-Cid
Diario 16. Madrid 5- december-1990

The immense risk of setting out across the waves
Text catalog Rosa Martínez de Lahidalga (1990)
... It is the Ariadne sculpture of the Museo del Prado, the marble sculpture that Velázquez brought from Rome and that he painted in his magnificent paintings of "Villa Médicis", the one that has inspired to ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES(Elche1949) to draw Labyrinths in the Geometric Art.
She recovers in her paintings a metaphysics of space and form; of the transit with light and thought.  
It can be done to transcend the simplest image if the brushstroke and the mind are able to raise it to the category level.
This is what happens with her pictorial compositions of cylindrical and cubic forms of reflecting light. They silence or reveal codes.
El inmenso riesgo de partir sobre las ondas
Text catalog Rosa Martínez de Lahidalga (1990)
Exhibition paintings by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES
Galería Albatros. Madrid 1990

contac (+34) 696302487
Painting oil/canvas130x146cm (1988) of ARIADNE DORMIDA IN NAXOS  realized  by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES in the Museum Nacional del Prado (Madrid).
Paintings, oil/canvas (1986-89) of ARIADNE IN NAXOS
 by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES. exhibition Galería Albatros, Madrid 1990
Textos de críticos arte de exposiciones realizadas por ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES de Arte Geométrico: Pintura, Escultura y DIGITAL Geometría que ella inició en 1991 con COMBINABLES, TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO y El HILO de ARIADNA-MUSICALIDAD formulando la matemática continua y geometría de sus obras. Anteriormente, ella trabajó 25 años (1965-1990) en pintura de paisaje, composiciones de arquitectura geométrica y en las dos pinturas (1986-88) que realizó ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES de la escultura de mármol ARIADNA en el MUSEUM del PRADO, MADRID. 

martes, 2 de junio de 2015
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949), ella ha realizado una Exposición Retrospectiva con el título de Geometría, Color y Musicalidad diagramas digitales y pintura 1991-2015, en el Centro Municipal de exposiciones de la ciudad de Elche-Elx.
Julia Sáez-Angulovicepresidenta de la Asociación Madrileña de Críticos de Arte, AMCA, y miembro de la Internacional AECA/Spain, escribe en el catálogo
Geometría, Color y Musicalidad, son tres conceptos de la  euritmia que se desprende de la obra artística de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. 
Geometría en la que se aprecia el ritmo de una musicalidad  visible a los ojos, inaudible, solo en apariencia. Ella dibuja el ritmo danzante de una musicalidad que se manifiesta en la sabia administración del color sobre el soporte de papel, lienzo…geometría que danza; una musicalidad que se expresa en el color. Ya Kandinsky habló de ello cuando atribuyó notas musicales a los colores. Mirar los sonidos, escuchar el color. 
Desde la década de los 90 ella, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES tiene una trayectoria coherente de investigación en el Arte Geométrico, pintura, escultura y los diagramas digital, desde sus obras de, Trazado Espacial Continuo, Combinables a El Hilo de Ariadne. La geometría, el color, el ritmo y la musicalidad están presentes en un mundo creativo de líneas, círculos, cuadrados, píxeles... diseñado por una mente artística. Sin dejar la pintura, ella utiliza los nuevos medios tecnológicos, los cuales son fundamentales en la generación de sus innovadoras obras geométricas.
Geometría, Color y Musicalidad, es la clave conceptual que describe la obra geométrica digital y pictórica de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES. Las líneas trazadas en el espacio reticular cuadrado, horizontes que se expanden en cartografías de la musicalidad, expresan, en las geometrías digitales de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, una  percepción de ella de diversos países, continentes, o ciudades: MUSICALITY-Sweden-Madrid-Latinoamérica-Berlin-NewYork-MumbaiBombay-Beiying-Europa-GreeceGrecia-Tokyo-Paris-Nepal-Brooklyn-Africa-Universe
ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, en 1965 ella ingresa y estudia Profesorado de Dibujo en la Academia Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid  y en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ella residió en Madrid  hasta 1997 y después residió en Londres, donde ella fue artista invitada en Gasworks Studios, London, y desde mediados de 1999 ella reside en Alicante. En 2000 volvió a Londres para realizar una exposición en Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College, London.
En 2003 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES presentó su investigación de geometría, El hilo de Ariadna-Combinatoria, con los nuevos medios digitales. Arte geométrico: cien obras de (200x100 cm.each) para la Colección de Arte del Hotel H. Amerigo, Alicante.
En sus pinturas de Trazado Espacial Continuo, ella, la pintora ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES resalta cada pincelada en una afirmación de la energía, líneas en pinceladas de gesto único, singular cada una de las líneas en la trayectoria meditativa de los ritmos en gradaciones de color en los cuadrados de sus obras de Arte Geométrico y en las composiciones de geometría de ella, con los nuevos medios digitales, los PIXELS constituyen la estructura de las líneas.
Pulicado por Julia Saez Angulo y Dolores Gallardo en L.M.A.
2015.Texto en catálogo, exposición GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD geometría digital de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, en Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE-ELX, 15mayo- 6septiembre 2015

texto de Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno (2015)
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949 Elche), ella cumple 50 años de trabajo pictórico y de arte geométrico digital.
Es en 1986, cuando las citas, ella pinta la escultura de mármol de Ariadna en el Museo del Prado y encuentra un nuevo concepto pictórico en su obra. Si los profesores de la física cuántica, teoría del todo, hacen hipótesis del universo. La pintora ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES descubrió en la mitología del Hilo de Ariadna el punto para desarrollar en el Arte Geométrico y hallar un significado pleno a su obra.
Los conceptos que dan nombre a la exposición Geometría, Color y Musicalidad de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES abarcan el amplio trabajo, la intensa dedicación y la innovadora investigación y reflexión de ella en el arte geométrico.
Cada pincelada de ella, tiene su razón matemática y hace que cada línea sea única, de armonía en una lúcida composición y combinatorias de color a su vez incalculables, y laMusicalidad, quizás para los espectadores de sus obras de geometría, sea creativa esa sensación de musicalidad. Un ritmo de vitalidad, euritmia de las formas y el color, que posibilita atisbar el conjunto de ese universo geométrico en equilibrio creado por ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES en sus pinturas de Trazado Espacial Continuo y los diagramas digitales  impresos en lienzo El hilo de Ariadna -Musicalidad en los que muestra su percepción de  diversas ciudades, continentes, países…- Suecia-Beijing-Africa- Madrid-Grecia-New York -Mumbai Bombay-Europa-Tokyo- Paris-Brooklyn-Nepal-Berlín- Latinoamérica-Universo-… GEOMETRÍA, COLOR  y MUSICALIDAD es un oxímoron  de  renovación  en el Arte Geométrico.
texto de Viviana Rodríguez Gimeno mayo 2015
catálogo exposición Geometría, Color y Musicalidad de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES
Centro Municipal Exposiciones de Elche 15mayo-06 septiembre 2015

LA MIRADA ACTUAL, 4 de enero de 2014
Iluminada García-Torres investiga en GEOMETRIA digital Mumbai Bombay, por
Julia Sáez-Angulo
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (Elche 1949) investiga en sus obras de Geometría Digital que ella denomina Bombay Mumbai, en amplia mirada y reflexión sobre Asia.
En realidad toda su obra en la abstracción geométrica se inicia con la propuesta
que ella formuló en el catálogo de su exposición Combinables en 1993, donde está el origen y larazón matemática que ella ha desarrollado en las obras digitales, Tokyo, Beijing  y ahora Mumbai Bombay, en su contemplación asiática. Ella declara que después de las geometrías digitales, Nueva York, se interesó por Asia en concepto de musicalidad, color y pensamiento.
texto de Julia SáezAngulo
International Association of Art Critics, AICA
2015.Texto en catálogo, exposición GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD geometría digital de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, en Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE-ELX, 15mayo- 6septiembre 2015

1949 Elche Elx(Alicante) España
1965-1970 Studies Professor Drawing in the Superior Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and Faculty of Fine Arts COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY, MADRID. In the first course 1965-66 his teacher is the painter Antonio López García and in 1969 Eusebio Sempere, year that reconciled the teaching with the investigation at the Computing Center of the Complutense University of Madrid.